about ryan

husband | photographer | meteorologist

Hi there!

My name is Ryan Pimiskern. Don't worry if you can't pronounce my name - I've been getting called "Brian" my whole life...

I'm a guy who loves photography, nature, weather, and capturing life's big and little moments in a creative way. I'm a meteorologist and environmental scientist by education and training, but I've been a professional photographer since 2011 as well. I think having a diverse range of interests helps strengthen my photography with a different approach and a different focus than some others out there, and I hope you’ll agree!

I hadn't originally planned on ever taking photos of people outside of family functions, but I soon realized (with the help of some amazing friends) that I was drawn like a magnet to capturing smiles, laughs, and those little moments you can’t put into words.

I’m always working hard to make the best images for my clients. I set my standards high, but it pays off when I get squeals of joy and tears of happiness about the fleeting moments and expressions I've captured. My fusion of photojournalism and modern portrait photography will make sure you’ve got all of your bases covered.

Whether I'm there in the midst of a choatic wedding day, spending an afternoon with you and your family at your favourite spot in the city, or capturing your newborn baby's first smiles, I'll make sure you've got the best coverage possible. You'll be able to look back on your photos and share those memories - the happy, the crazy, or the quiet - for decades to come.

Ryan, December 2015